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  1. I need a livewell for the up coming season. I'd rather it be portable but either it will have to fit in my 16 sea nymph. Any tips on making or purchasing a good livewell. Thanks a ton!!



    i did a search on the internet and here on ogf like shortdrift said and was able to make one out of a big cooler when i had my 14 ft boat
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    I have one of these kits that I no longer use, I'll look for all the pieces if I have them do you want it dirt cheap???

    Let me know because I'll be digging through fishing stuff this week.
  4. thanks for the replies. anyway that you were talkin about gonefishin? details

  5. K gonefishin

    K gonefishin Bit by Musky bug

    Yeah it's basically a pump with a hose attached to it with 2 alligator clips that you can attach to a battery, with a spray bar with suction cups that you attach to the inside of the cooler.

    This is the one below, like i said I have to see if I have all the pieces. I think 4 sure I have most of it the rest you can rig up with parts from homedepot, cheaper than new I'm sure.
  6. Kevin, I keep one ot those on the boat at all times. In a pinch it can be rigged as an auxillary bilge pump. Never know when you might need it.
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    This will work for a little bit but not long (Hour or so with a couple walleye) unless you remove the ammonia the fish will generate in there ...

    You will get plenty of oxygen to the dead fish though with that rig though. laugh a little bit because the solution is not that big a deal.

    That said not all is lost. You just need a filter that will remove the ammonia or circulate water through your "tank" and back into the lake so that it doesn't build up.

    The filter can be pvc filled with carbon and neolite which with the volume of water you'll be moving through there should buy you a few hours provided you can keep the temp near lake temp... temp influences ammonia levels.... i have one of those water pitchers and pour it into a half gallon milk jug, freeze it and put it in my baitwell to manage the temp in the summer

    more than oxygen to think about here ...