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making a difference in a kids life.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by jeffmo, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. jeffmo

    jeffmo officially unofficial!!!!

    some days you hear a story that helps keep your outlook on life just where it should be and this is one of them.
    i had to call a friend of mine today to tell him that i wasn't going to be able to make our bi-annual Canada trip this year.i was kind of feeling sorry for myself because i really enjoy going up there and it had me pretty well bummed out until he told me about one of the kids that he is taking up this year.this is one of those things that can change a kids life for the better.
    the boy is one of his sons friends and lives a couple of houses away.his parents are divorced and his dad lives out of state.
    well,the dad was supposed to come and pick the boy up for an extended stay with him and the kid was REALLY looking forward to spending time with his the last minute the dad calls and tells the boys mom that he isn't going to pick the boy up and doesn't know when he can and hangs up.he didn't even tell his son himself but chose to let mom do it!
    my friend heard about it and went to the boys house to talk to the mom.he asked if it would be alright if her son went with them on the fishing trip to Canada!!! she said okay but was kind of worried about the cost.he told her not to worry about the cost and that he'd take care of it! :)
    he told me that after the mom said okay he went out and bought the boy a few things he didn't have,his own rod,reel,and tackle box!!!!!!!
    he said the kids eyes just lit up when he gave him his new gear!
    i just thought i'd pass the story along because after i heard it i found i wasn't feeling bad anymore about not making the trip! :)
    i'd bet my bottom dollar that when that young man grows up he'll end up pretty much so doing the same thing for another kid.
    kind of gives new meaning to "take a kid fishing" doesn't it! :) :)
  2. Nice story. Thanks for sharing.

    We can all learn a lot from that. I know, in the past couple years, I've had several meaningful things happen in my life, and fishing has been a huge part of it. This website and what it stands for is a big part of that.

    I have some very large irons waiting to go into the fire, as far as kids, fishing, and providing support and example to those young folks that may not have it. I'll elaborate later, but it's stories like that that keep me going. That, and the utter joy I see in a kid's eye, mine or not, when he catches a fish on his own, just the sense of accomplishment. Sorry if I sound sappy, but passing on the stewardship of fishing and the outdoors is very important. I hope you all realize that there are some out there who read these reports you all post and think, "hey, maybe I'll give that a try" and it works for them. Nothing more rewarding than that.

    Again, I'll let you know my plans. The rusty collection of gears that is my brain is turning, albeit slowly, but it could be a big one. Right now, it's concentrating on getting past the outing. More later.


  3. took blind and crippled kids fishing in 80 and 81 when we had a small bike group. talk about tears. we also hooked up with big chuck and little john to make the money to do this,held this at sippo park.miss them days!
  4. Growing up my dad never had alot of time to do stuff with me. I think he took me fishing twice. My Grandfather and the mens group from the church took a fishing trip every year to Canada or Michigan and he always tried including me. Those times are still near and dear to me and I look back with fond memories of the time I got to spend with my grandfather to this day. I'm sure this trip to Canada will be one of those memories for that boy as well. My Grandfather became the yardstick I used to measure myself as a man and figured If I was only able to become half the man he was I'm still doing pretty darn good.

  5. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    Thanks for sharing those, guys. After reading all of them I couldn't just "click" out of here without responding. ;)
  6. I agree, It's great to help others out and especially kids! Great story.
  7. great story, and AMEN Big Daddy. I agree with everything that you said. Dont worry about sounding sappy a bit buddy......tony
  8. fishinchick

    fishinchick The 'Chick!!!!

    Great post! Thanks for sharing, guys. :)
  9. catking

    catking Banned

    Stories like these makes sites like this worthwhile. I was a small part of the special kids outing 2 weeks ago. All I can say is I'm a change man.........
  10. Great Story!!! another fisherman is born !!!
  11. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    That is really an awesome thing for your friend to do.

    I have taken my nephew quite a few times due to the fact that his dad's idea of going fishing is taking his boy to the river with him going through poison ivy and sitting there catfishing. 3 yr olds won't last too long cattin. Well then daddy gets mad cuz little one does not want to sit and watch a pole he wants to catch fish. Dad would rather drink beer while fishing than take his son to the lake to catch some bluegills. Makes me sick. Needless to say, uncle rockbass, as my nephew calls me, takes him to the lake sometimes so he can catch some gills and occasional cats. Just got a boat and asked him if he wants me him and his dad to go out on it to fish and he tells me no he wants to go with uncle rockbass and papa rick. Just warms me up and ticks me off all in one. Ok, sorry for venting a little. I just have little tolerance for this kind of crap.

    Great story though. Too bad you can't make it too though jeffmo :(
  12. bassn317

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    Don't forget the District 3 ponds are open for kids fishing and "we" all can put smiles on kids faces by taking them there.