Making a chubby darter?

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  1. Now that the ice season is coming closer it got me thinking about those jigging raps, vibees, and chubby darters. Has anyone tried making something similar to a chubby darter? For those that don't know what it is it is like a lipless crankbait with the eye hook in the center on top. It is meant to be jigged while icefishing. I was thinking of attempting to make one But wouldent know where to begin.

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  2. I've thought about trying some ice baits, but man, around here, they'd have to be pretty tiny.

    I fish Mosquito mostly, but maybe the bigger sizes would be effective on Pymatuning now that its producing some real hog walleyes.

  3. chaunc

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    They've got a special on 3 for $10. Can you make them that cheap?
  4. When I bought Mine at Gander mtn. it was $7 a price. That is a great deal chaunc.
  5. It must be over because they are back to $7.50 a piece.