makes us all look bad...

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    went fishing a couple days ago on the up ground in wellington. 3 spots where people had fished were littered with trash, cigarette butts, plastic peanut wrappers and wax worm containers. i waited 2 days before posting this cause i didnt want to sound like i was preachin. YOUR MAKIN US LOOK BAD sometimes its about perception as sportsmen. dont screw with the sport we wait all year to take part of. am i wrong??? ther im done... caught 20 crappies and kept 12 all after dark.. thanks for reading
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    I agree with you Wes. Not only for ice fishing but fishing in general. I hate when I see trash left by other fisherman on the banks of lakes. It can give all fisherman a bad image while it is only a few people that are leaving the trash.

  3. That is exactly what will get Upper closed. Should have got a license number and turned it into the Wellington Police. Maybe next time.
  4. Sad part is that chances are they stoped to get snacks and have that thing called a bag that makes a great trashbag.I always carry abag to pick up my trash.
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    amen. plastic grocery bags wedged inside the tube of a paper towel roll works for me.

    makes it real easy to gather and haul out the inevitable trash.
  6. Ran into that problem at one of the lakes we fished the other day didn't see the people responsible for it just the mess they left! Someone left a red shirt on the ice to mark their spot (they make a thing called a GPS) plus cig butts and other trash. Tried to clean most of it up but it's hard when it's frozen in the ice. We smoke but the butts go home with us as everything else. Ya can't fix stupid!
  7. It just hit also what about that bucket that they carry.
  8. I fish West Branch a lot, I have to agree with you guys, Carry it in carry it out. The Boat ramps and the few spots that are fishable along shore,, always have trash laying around. I can't imagine what there homes must look like...No Wes you are not wrong.....Jim.....:(
  9. I agree! I smoke (way too much) and every time I put out a cigarette it gets put in my trash bag. If I am not near my trash bag it goes in my pocket until I am able to throw it away. I can end up smelling like an ash tray at times but at least no one has to deal with my garbage and bad habits other than me.

    I also clean up trash that others have left where ever I fish. While cat-fishing at West Branch I have literally brought kitchen garbage bags full of trash from some of my favorite spots. I have always wondered how I would explain to a warden or ranger that the 12 pk. of empty beer cans were not mine. I would probably hiccup at the wrong time.

    "Really Sir, I was just (hic) picking up the trash."
    "Sure you were"
  10. WBJ I had to explain to my wife what all the lil bags of trash were in the back of my tuck I said just pickin up trash after trash leaves it where i plan on fishing dont sit in it in my front room why should i have to sit init while doing one of my favorite things in life. I confronted a guy 1 time he got exetremely mad to the point where he acted like he was carrying a weapon soon as he left the area i was on the phone to the police
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    I see all that, plus I'm seeing lots of empty propane tanks! Why can't they take these back with them?
    I see these all over the banks as well during the spring, summer and fall times. Guys that night fish just leave them on the banks. Last year at Griggs there were 5 empty tanks on the ground about 5 feet away from the trash can. Go figure. I always pick up trash if I see it while on the ice as well as the bank area.
  12. I had to explain to my three year old daughter that it wasn't fair that we had to pick up someone eleses garbage when we go fishing but if we didn't it would not be long before we didn't have a place to fish, now that we have a boat every time she sees trash floating in the water she grabs the net and scoops it up.

    She is six now and I'am very proud of her.
  13. They are probably spotless because their wives have to clean up after these slazy slobs also...

    Way to go Montee ! ! ! That is the way to raise a true sports(wo)man.. teach them young to respect nature.
  14. Littering.....I'm glad to see most of you smokers take your butts with you. I see too many smokers who think the butts are to small to be called trash.

    Yesterday at belin, I saw two guys move their shanty. As I was walking around chatting I noticed the old spot had about 20 butts next to their old hole. Just as easy to drop them in a bag or bucket!