Make sure the other guy knows his right from his left

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    i found out the hard way today at work the one guy doesnt know his right from his left. i was holding a bracket into place that i wanted him to drive a 1, 1/8 inch hole into and then put a screw to hold the 2 pieces together. i was under the car and he was in the trunk area. and i told him to drill on the right side and he deceided to drill on the left where i was holding the bracket with my right hand. the drill bit went thru the metal and almost completely thru my right middle finger. it went thru on the bottom left hand corner of the finger and just about came thru the right handed top right beside the nail. got x rays done and he just missed the bone. hopefully it doesnt screw up my fishing trip planned for this weekend on the big pond. for some reason it makes your finger sore and makes it swell for a little bit and the other side about it is i have it wrapped up and get to flip people off and get away with it hehe plus i got to see some hot looking nurses at the hospital.
  2. man!!! bet that hurts? soak it in cold water , better yet go fishing you;ll forget the pain. [till you]

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    if somewhere there's a guy locked in the trunk of a car,beating on it and saying "I'M SOOOOOORRRRRYYYYYYY!!!!":) :) :)
  4. I didnt get drilled in the middle finger, but I was attaching a plenum on a furnace and my hand slipped off the drill got 3 stitches peeled the meat all the way back to the bone and could see my tendon, I too was able to flick people off LOL!
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    i let a friend mount my antenna on my brand new boat . he used screws that were too big and stripped the heads . he then went to drill them out .when he punched thru the deck the drill went thru and out the side of the boat. fortunately it was way above the water line. all do the drilling yourself , and let the laborer do the holding.
  6. I was holding a metal stud on one side of the wall for a coworker to fasten from the other side. A little miscommuication and he ran an 1 1/4" drywall screw through my finger fastening my hand to the wall. I asked him to back the screw out, quickly.