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  1. Hi all. I've been workin with lure craft for a little while now and one of my favorite lures to construct is the Buzzbait. I've made several different variations but I've been having trouble making them "squeek" the way I'd like. I would be extatic if they brought back the metal rivits instead of the aluminum ones on the market now. I've been using oversized metal leader sleeves and different guage wire forms and weights (3/8oz seems to work well) and filing the sleeves rough which helps somewhat when the blade turns against it. Anyone got any ideas for making buzzbaits squeek, I am wide open for any suggestions. Thanks.
  2. One thing I do before I put the blades on is to take an exacto knife and enlarge the holes before putting on the shaft the larger you go the more noise it makes but going to large they'll break through after a while.
    You can also hang them outside your vehicle and let the wind break them in
    Gotta Love the Buzz Bait this my favorite time of the year to use them
    Good Luck

  3. I too love making buzzbaits. Most of mine don't squeek at first, but after a few times banging into rocks and going through very fast water they squeek perfect.
  4. I use a metal bead as a bearing to speed up the blade. The higher RPM of the blade makes a sound better than the squeek of a rusty rivet.
  5. Thanks everyone who wrote in. I will try all suggestions given on my next batch of lures once my supply orders come in. I was so busy making lures now that tournament season is over that I forgot to order more supplies. By the way, anyone suggest any favorite supply company for parts? I usually order from Barlow's and Stamina Lure Co. But I also get quite a few supplies from The Old Dutchman tackle shop in Westerville. I'm also hoping to get another digital camera sometime in the future and post some pics of my lures. Thanks again.
  6. I get my stuff from There in Ohio and usually my stuff comes in a day or two.
  7. I checked the site, thanks for the heads up. They have a few things I might want to need to spend my money on:D
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    It really pretty simple, just smash the rivet sleeve against the shaft so it cannot spin.This way the blade it turning and rubbing against the rivet after fishing with it for awhile it will start to squeak. I sometimes adjust the wings on the blade to get it just right. I have given enough secrets away for one day
  9. Take the rivet off the buzzbait and soak it in bleach untill it starts to corode. Put the rivet back on and it should squeek.
  10. My thanks to Orlando, V-Max and everyone else that responded with suggestions. I will try to impliment all suggestions on my next batch of baits! By the time I finally get to the assembly part of it, they should squeek and creek louder than my truck! Thanks all!:B
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    i fished a bass top 150 a few years ago and became friends with one of the pros. We were rooming together and a noticed a sound coming from the outside of his truck. I asked him what it was and he said a buzzbait. Now i was curious and asked him why he had it stuck in his window. He says that he puts them there on his trips between tournaments because at 65 mph it will wear down the metal peice or sleeve and it will make them sqeek faster than using them on a regular basis. Hope this helps.