Make FirstEnergy Clean Up Its Act!

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  1. haven't posted here in a while. but this came to my attention and the first thing i thought of was this fine group of poeple. i'd be really surprised if it hasnt been posted yet - if it has, my apologies.
    time to step up, be heard & protect what's ours.

    Dear Michael,

    You're not going to believe this. A dirty FirstEnergy coal plant in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Cleveland, a plant that has violated environmental standards for twelve consecutive quarters, now wants permission from the Ohio EPA to exceed the legal limit for discharging mercury and copper into Lake Erie.

    Yes - the Ohio EPA is considering granting FirstEnergy an exception allowing them to dump even more mercury pollution into our environment than the law allows.

    Luckily, the EPA must consider the comments of Ohio residents before granting this exception. Click here to demand that FirstEnergy comply with the law!

    Mercury is a poison that threatens the health of all Ohioans, but FirstEnergy's proposal is even worse, because their plant lies in an environmental justice community that is already above the 90th percentile in terms of risk for cancer and neurological hazards nationwide.

    The plant in question, the Lake Shore facility located just west of E. 72nd St., has been issued a formal notice of violation at least twice in the past five years. It is a dinosaur that has been operational since 1941, and really should have been shut down long ago (the Lake Shore plant also emits over 1 million tons of carbon dioxide every year). In short, FirstEnergy is a bad corporate neighbor, and the last thing we need is for Ohio's government to give them permission to pollute even more.

    Please explain to the Ohio EPA we can't and won't tolerate exempting FirstEnergy from the law.

    Thanks for your time and for your action. Together, we can make change happen.


    Nachy Kanfer
    Sierra Club National Coal Campaign - Ohio
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  2. shroomhunter

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    Ever get the notion that nobody here really cares.....

  3. Clayton

    Clayton Fly guy

    I really cares :) I filled it out.

    If you ever eat fish out of lake erie, you should care too. Or any of the rivers that connect to lake erie, or the rivers connected to those rivers, or.... you get the idea.

    We don't need any more mercury in the world's ecosystem, period.
  4. at first i thought this was something that might actually be 'sticky' worthy. then i thought, maybe 'the lounge' isnt the right place for this (which it probably isnt).

    but mushroomman - i think you might be right.

    hopefully the 80+ viewers of this thread all signed and just have nothing more to say here? let's hope.
  5. I care and appreciate you bringing it to my attention. I was unaware of this issue and will use my voice to help make others aware as well.

    Thanks again
  6. seethe303

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    it isn't that we don't care, we're just extremely cynical of online petitions and bureaucracy in general.


    I Care, An Yes I Voiced My Opinion An Signed The Letter. Question Is Did You Mushroomman ? What Ohio Fisherman Would Not Care ?
  8. (the Lake Shore plant also emits over 1 million tons of carbon dioxide every year).

    I signed.

    And I think I know I believe in global warming.

    But the statement above has no business in this issue.
  9. After "Googling" the name in the article, I wouldn't sign. I don't lend support to enemies of my lifestyle. Take it for what its worth...


    What Name Did You Google ?
  11. I would assume " Siera Club"
  12. RareVos

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    I'm not sure I understand what aspects of your "lifestyle" are contrary to the mission of The Sierra Club. Would you care to elaborate?
  13. The Sierra Club advocates positions on every thing from gun control to abortion to hunting. All of it is against my beliefs and way of life. You have to go to the web site. They may not take explicit positions on issues such as abortion. But read who they support for office. Read their positions on "population control".

    They want to outlaw access for normal taxpayers to vast amounts of public land.

    Regarding the power plant issue. Where do you think power will come from if Sierra Club is sucessful in shutting it down? How much more will your electric cost?
  14. Clayton

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    As I understadn it, then point isn't to shut down the plant. Rather, to mandate them to use filtration and cleaning systems on their waste water and stop dumping copper and mercury into lake erie. The lake is gorgeous... as nice as it's been in my lifetime. I'd love to have more of a chance to fish it :)
  15. So, by asking the Ohio EPA to step up and do the right thing you are suuporting the entire agenda of the Sierra Club??