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    anyone ever been there? my girlfriend and i are leaving next sat. for a week.she will be in conferences like 4 days of the week so i will have a lot of free time to fish.any help would be appreciated.are there any piers around? we are staying in portland maine.
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    I lived in NH summer of 1994 and remember making a few trips up there. Pretty much every beach had at least a few people surf fishing. I also know there are quite a few chaters and some headboats. I went out for Mackerel on a trip and also did one for Bluefish, was a great time. Even managed to catch a few sharks. I believe the area we left from was Hampton Beach. Not in Portland but a very easy drive from there.

  3. We used to go to Maine almost every weekend. Try to take your girlfriend to Ogunquit, Maine. To the Ogunquit Lobster Pound for dinner. You will go nuts.