Maine fishing and hunting

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  1. Hey just seeing if anyone on here fishes maine much?....planning a big trip out there this spring and summer.

    whats the fishing like? ....and the hunting? and wildlife experiences?


  2. Maine is a great state for fishing. Due to the low population density, the streams are thick with gamefish. The smallmouth bass and trout fishing is excellent.....I think of the Androscoggin and Kennebec Rivers as excellent, but have heard good things about many other rivers as well.

    The saltwater scene is dominated by striped bass. They are neither as numerous or as large as those farther south, but there is less competition from other anglers. Later in the summer, there are often schools of bluefish to augment the fishing....I sure enjoy a mixed bag!

    Have a great trip!

  3. Where are you going? I have been going there for a few years, but all fishing the salt with a fly rod! I have several friends that hunt and fish it with regularity inland!
  4. A guy from OGF with the screen name as Littleking has a hunting website... a guy over there went on a black bear hunt in maine he goes by "the wildlife" as I recall. You might want to try to look him up for info.