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    At Nemi this afternoon for about 4 hours. My partner caught 1 bass about 2#. Threw minnows and roadrunners. Water temp still in low 40s. Started from S. Main boat launch and headed north toward christman. No ice but lake still churning from wind which changed directions this afternoon. Some people fishing from shore and a few smallboats early. I was able to make the maiden launch on the inflatable. Did a nice job working against the chop on the lake. Ran a 55# thrust and it performed as advertized. That made the afternoon a success. Good to be back out on the ocean.
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    Hey Crappieslayer,
    Sounds like you got hold of a good motor, wind on Nimi can be tough...I imagine especially so in something as light as an inflatable....gotta love a success story!!! (Wind was sure a factor at State Park/Turkeyfoot yesterday.)
    Good Fishing,
    Woody in Akron
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  3. We had a few guys watch as we blew the boat up. It is able to hold 5 adults but that would be strstching it, more like 3 comfortable. I think they thought we were it for it. They deceided to stay long enough (30min) as we got everything ready to go. I don't think they thought we were really going to do it. Kept making the jokes about our lifevests and the water being cold. Could.nt help to snicker when they asked me how much the rig had cost. After launching we waved and off we went. The only real problem was that I will make sure next time I have some water shoes on. The floorboards did a nice job when we needed to stand up but being that we took off into the wind, there was a little water (cup full) that got inside and made the boards a little slippery. Coming back, the wind had shifted and again we headed into the wind. From Chrisman, about a 25 min haul back to boat ramp. Yes, it was fun