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    Fished a tourney on Magodore yesterday, it was the first time I've ever seen/been there before, what a great looking lake. As I looked around I figured we would start with top it looked insanely good for that type of presentation. Well that didn't work out for us very well and we preceeded to find another pattern that worked. We started to randomly cast cranks around and found a spot that held a group of 14-17inch fish. Well we eventually lost a few nice ones and catch even weight at end was just under 12lbs...what a great reservoir you have there. Total on line was near 30.
  2. Good to hear! I fish that lake more than any other and have not had that good of a day this year yet. I gotta find the spot your talking about.

  3. You guys did a good job. I hope to make it tougher on you next time. See you on the lake.
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    are there any other tourneys going on for teens at the lake this summer/fall?
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    Nice bag! Good job.

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    Nice job!
    How did you guys place in the tournament?
    What won?