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  1. I'm thinking about buying maggots in bulk this year since I won't be able to get to the river as much in advance. How has this worked for you steelheaders? Any drawbacks? Do they die easily? I did the math and basically the bait shops are making about $1.20 on each container sold.
  2. I can get them to last about 6 weeks in the fridge, then they turn brown and die. I use them alot and maybe spent $15.00 bucks on them per year, chump change when put in prospective and I do not see many filthy rich bait shop owners so I am not too upset if they make a buck or two.


  3. I say forget the live maggots and try some Gulp waxworms, (they really do outfish the real thing!). Not the Gulp maggots, but the waxworms. They have 400 times as much scent dispersion as live bait, they stay on your hook better, and will never die so you can conveniently keep them in your vest or pack and never be without fresh larval baits again. I've tried several of the Gulp products, some are crap (like the maggots) but others (like the waxworms, earthworms, and nightcrawlers) are awesome and fish really do eat them.

  4. Normal fridge temperatures are too cold for most bait. If you have a smaller dorm size fridge, you could keep your bait at the best temperature. A couple weeks is about all you can keep them for at cold temps as far as I've seen.

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    Never have the chance to fish with you, Only buy what you need,but keep to live bait with the ect of ,Gulp wax,Slurpies 3" Swim Shiner,Slurpies 3" Swim Shad. Last season I tryed 10 different artificatal products. These were hands down; if I had no live bait.... Somedays I would out fish anything with them. If you use the slurpies, I tandem rig them with the glup wax on top with a slip or (flot)or bounce off bottom . I hope I'm explaning this right. (not great with words). People may look at you, but this produces lots of large fish last year. I had more fish over 10lbs with art then live.... plus I like fishing off the wall a little bit.