Magee Marsh Pike fishing

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    I am just wondering if anyone fishes Magee Marsh in the spring for Northern Pike, and wondering if it is a good spot.
  2. Where is Magee Marsh located?

  3. Magee is located off of route 2 east of the Bono curve. I have never heard of anyone fishing the actual marsh.
  4. To my knowledge, you cannot fish Magee Marsh at all -- it's a wildlife refuge, and with few exceptions human entry is prohibited. Thirty years ago, my son and I and our canoe got tossed out of there.

    METZGER Marsh is located at Bono. (Magee is a few miles farther east, near Crane Creek). Metzger is open to fishing. I've tried it a few times, by kayak, for bass, but not done much.

    For a little more on Metzger, see the thread below in this forum that begins, "Question about canals and marshes....
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