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magadore and portage

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by peple of the perch, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. i am going back to mag tues. can anyone tell me how far away is th pl from that and how is the shore fishing. also tell me if their is any other good lakes 10-20 min away from mog.also in their r no lakes where should i fish at mog from shore though.
  2. johnboy111711

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    poratge lakes isn't very far away, and there are a few state parks from which you can fish from shore. as for Mogadore, the only shore fishing, besides the dock, now requires a walk, either from sunnybrook rd, or 43.

  3. Dingo


    Best shorefishing opportunites, in order of available space:

    Nimisila: All of east side (christman rd) with abundant parking. South side
    at dam to the spillway. Limited access on west side (main st).

    North res: Much of south/east side (along state mill road). Requires a walk from the public lot. All of island in center of the lake. Some on the north side (portage lakes drive). A small side of hower lake as well (west side).

    Turkeyfoot lake: shore access in state parks (a lot in the 'new state park, a little in the 'old state park'). New state park near the beach, on the large point. No access in other parts of the lake (rex lake, mud lake).

    Long lake: Limited on the northwest side of the lake.

    East res: Extremely limited -- a little on the east side (main st).

    West res: none, unless a small area is present off turkeyfoot rd.


    Get a map and look to the southwest of Akron. Long lake is on the northern side of the portage lakes chain. Nimisila is near the bottom. Main street and Manchester roads border most of the lakes.