Made my portable flasher a little more portable..

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  1. Using some old wood and paint I had in the garage I made a box with handle at the top to carry my old flasher in. Now I just have to figure out how Im gonna rig the transducer. I think Im going to mount it to the side or front of the box somehow but havent thought of a good way to do that yet so that it can have an up and down adjustment or some way to swing it to the side for carrying. The box didnt come out how I wanted it to but it was a fun couple of hours putting it together.

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    Nothing wrong with that. There a special pride when you make something for yourself. Loks like it will do the job.

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    looks good man. thats what nice about making your own stuff, you can make it exactly how you want it. next fall you might decide to scrap the whole thing and make a new box. thats how it usually works for me. after using something for a season, on the ice, you find some unexpected challenge or problem or have a new way you'd rather do this or that, etc. you just have to go with your gut instinct for now and see how it works out.
  4. NICE!!!!!!
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  5. ...Looks good to me...just a little time to think it out ...(Where theres a will there is a way.)Good job man...SAFE ICE FISHING...C.L...
    P.S. ..Lowe's has flat aluminum strap metal that could possibley be used using bolts and wing nuts...You'll have to think it out...and sure you can....
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