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madatory exersize...AT WORK!!!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Fishpro, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. Fishpro

    Fishpro Northcoast Madman

    Hey guys, any of you have to do this? I was just told a a meeting yesterday that we would have to start doing streches and such before we start our shift as a group! Now mind you, this is a large company (USG), and were all about safety, but I can`t figure out if this is even legal to make us do this. Any thoughts on this one? Lets hear `em. :confused:
  2. worminator

    worminator I'll be bach

    Sounds like they wanna be like Toyota and some of the other auto makers.
    I kinda like the way they do it at Ford. Hit the clock and head for the bar. Ooops did I really say that??? That's just a rumor........................... don't want to get a good post pulled. Sorry if there are any UAW guys out there. Those were the good ole days.

  3. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    Japan is the first thing that comes to my mind too... lol

    Reminds me of a funny Simpsons episode... :D

    Whats next, Mao suits?
  4. RiverRat

    RiverRat Banned

    Im pretty sure most companys that have thier workers do this is to try to cut down on the muscle pulls ect. on thier workers..ya know anything to save the company money in the long run and keep thier workers WORKING.

    Thank goodness my work does not required this...i get enough excersise is a time for REST!

    Ball Metal Food Container Corp.
    Press Chief
  5. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    I know they do this at Walmart. It is not mandatory though. If I remember right, they have them do some kind of cheer or something too. I think it is supposed to get them motivated to sell. :rolleyes:
  6. Darwin

    Darwin If your gonna be a bear..

    Reminds me of a "Far Side" cartoon...

    How do squirrels start their day, "NUTS, NUTS GET EM, NUTS, NUTS GET EM" :D
  7. pretty sure it's legal

    hope the boss doesn't read this or I'll be doing a cheer to sell YOUR USG prodcuts!!!!!
  8. I suppose as long as they don't make you do the exercises necked you can't say much. Just complain to your union rep that the exercises are demeaning and exhausting and your boss is looking at your rear end when you are doing the toe-touch stretch.

    I had a job once where out of the blue they made drug testing mandatory. Hence, the I had a job part.
  9. shuvlhed1

    shuvlhed1 Banned

    Are you seriously complaining about getting paid to exercise at work?
  10. I can see if a office worker, pencil pusher, bean counter, needs some streching and all but not the labor force.
    It is foolish when you busting your tail 8-12 a day and they think you need some P.T.
    Offer a pencil pusher to do job for a week and you do his.
    They will change their tunes real quick.
  11. I agree with WalleyeGuy... Wait till someone slips or falls and gets injured doing warmups ...
    I am off work now for an elbow injury and its only been 1/2 day and I can't stand it already...
  12. Reel Man

    Reel Man Member

    There are companies that do this. It is as stated by another poster designed to decrease injuries. These are not hard exercises only stretching exercises. Why in the world anyone would complain about doing them is beyond me.
  13. Improved personal safety via exercise/stretching reduces work injuries, worker comp claims, worker comp insurance cost, news at 11:00. Lots of companies are practicing safe ex cercise.

    Sure beats a back a search on this site and read about the suffering.
  14. It amazes me as well that people would compain about having to do a simple exercise regimen as someone said on the clock. I mean, come on, if it is some stretching exercise they can not be overexerting people. And if that is the way people view this activity then the company should have reason to be concerned about injuries and health problems with their people.:rolleyes: I really don't see this as something that anyone could fight and get out of doing. What kind of an impression will you leave on the company if you do resist? I am sure there are plenty of studies out there that support the need for many in the work force to increase their flexibility. I have been told often times that many of the back injuries people face are a resullt of muscles not being stretched.
  15. crankus_maximus

    crankus_maximus Crankus Baitus Maximus

    I know some will disagree, but....

    I WOULD LOVE TO GET PAID FOR EXERCISING!!!!!!!! The company is trying to save money by:
    1. Decreasing injuries for those in physically stressful positions.
    2. Have a more healthy work force which leads to:
    - less absenteeism for being sick, etc.
    - More energy to complete the work (getting the heart-rate going)

    It also promotes a sense of team, which helps departments work together instead of against.

    Obviously, I think its a good idea. But then again, when it comes to work I'm from the new school approach. I never had a 9-5er.
  16. catking

    catking Banned

    They can do about anything they want nowdays ;) I saw on the news the other day where a company in Wisconsin fired all their employees a couple years ago that smoked. It went all the way to the supreme court and the courts agreed with the company .Hey, if they want to pay for people to exercise , I think it is something that is very positive . Our nation is so far out of shape it's a wonder we get anything done......... THE CATKING !!! :)
  17. That was the same thing that I was thinking.
  18. ..let me ask those who say they would then why are you not now?
    Do you need a rule to make you do it?
    We need more BIG brother (rules) looking after us... YEA RIGHT LOL
    If you do it and still get hurt at work they may simply say "he/she was properly warmed-up so it must have been a pre-existing injury...
    Watch what you wish for you just may get it... As an X union steward I'd never want that in my work place and as a former UAW worker I'd like to see how those you think the auto industry has it made come out and work a couple hours in UAW shoes and see how they fit;)
  19. Yeah, the company can make you do about anything semi-reasonable and if you don't like it you can exercise your right to quit. A "Exercise Policy" ins't nearly as bad as other policies I have heard of. Some guy I know worked in a chemical plant in North Carolina a fews years back and said about 30 people got fired for not honoring the company's "No drinking in the parking lot after work policy." Apparently the company had a problem with people having fun.

    But let me give you a piece of advice. Jobs aren't real easy to come by unless you're willing to work 40 hours a week. :(
  20. I don't do it first thing in the morning because I do my exercising almost every day at lunch time.;)

    I just don't get why people are so afraid of a little exercise. And I don't believe that the company I work for is low enough to try the rationale of using the exercise against someone later if something happens. If I felt that way I would be hunting a new job.

    I certainly can't speak for UAW as a whole but our company is an automotive manufacturer and I have to say that these guys are far from being overworked. The most difficult part of their job is probably being on your feet for the 8 hour shift. I have seen a few of the plants for our customers as well and I have not yet seen anything that differs much from our company's environment.