Mad Update?

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by JeremyDavis, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. Anyone been over to the Mad lately? I am heading over tomorrow and was just wondering how it was running. Also, wet wade or waders? Any info is appreciated. Thanks!
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    Went out this morning and picked up one 12 incher, Waders are a must its pretty cold. Not much surface activity, Not much bug activity, The fish I caught was on a small Size 18 Caddis puppa. Good Luck tomorrow.

  3. I fished it a few times last week. sight fishing worked really well if you could spot them, past that small caddis were the best, smaller bwo's and midges took fish too. I dont nymph but I would stick with caddis nymphs if you do, that seemed to be what the fish were keyed on. streamers worked too, and the lower river was fishing better than the upper
  4. Water levels are clear, no real rain from the Ike brush we had. I haven't been in for a couple weeks but would suggest waders at this point.
  5. Well, I went this morning. River was flowing clear and real cold, waders are a must but it felt real good. I started at the route 36 bridge and worked north of the bridge, caught nothing, saw nothing. Left there and went north to the Millerstown Road bridge, worked south from there, caught nothing, saw nothing. Worked back upstream from the bridge to just before the canoe livery and again, caught nothing, saw nothing. I was bummed I didn't even see a fish let alone catch one, but it felt real good to just get out of the house and spend a few hours on the river. If you can get out there in the next few days, do it. You can't beat the weather.