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mad river

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Cat Man, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. i went up there yesterday and all i caught was a measly creek chub. i would like to go up there again, but its a two hour drive for me and with gas the way it is i can't make mistakes next time. Any tips on fly, baits, or lures, or places that have been successful would be helpful
  2. Tall cool one

    Tall cool one strictly flyfishing

    Where'd ya fish? It's not unusual to catch just chubs,tons of 'em ,hard to keep 'em away.
    Try between rts 29 and 36,fair bit of fish and decent size to the river so you don't scare 'em too bad and actually have a chance to get one(or more). I use flies only and prefer nymphs or streamers but spinners and rapalas as well as crawlers and minnies work.
    Trout fishing as it is in Ohio is more of a fanciful notion than a reality. Any other stocking program w/ such a low survival rate would have been discontinued long ago.TC1

  3. What were you fishing for?

    Trout start North of Tremont City and get better the further North toward West Liberty. It's so narrow with overhanging trees a cane pole would be better suited than a fly rod, coming from a failed fly fisherman that is. The fly fisherman I've observed just kinda flip out their fly, no roll casts that I've seen since the river is only a few rod lengths wide in most places. A 5 1/2' ultralight spinning setup with 4lb test is probably best suited. 1/8 ounce Roostertails work as does drifting a half a nightcrawler weightless on a tiny hook. I've seen some having success with powerbait as well.

    Where Buck Creek joins on down is smallie water. Roostertails, rapala's, grub jigs, and small shallow cranks usually get some takers.
  4. i wasa fishing for trout up in west liberty. i tried two different places, one was off of 296 and the other was on pimtown rd.
  5. anybody ever catch small mouth out of the mad? I have fished it a couple times and have never caugh anything so I usually go to the GMR or LMR and catch smallies and such but I never done well on the mad.

  6. Caught a nice 2lb or so at the small creek that enters at Lippencott canoe livery fishing for summer browns. Good trout pattern? If not using flies, use live crawfish in the deeper holes with some flow.
  7. i have been doing well in the mad recently using adams, caddis should start taking fish and i like throwing ant patterns. i dont think the fish care what kind of nymph it is, i dont nymph there much. i do well with small #12-14 wooly buggers in the area you fished. take your time and the fish on the mad really arn't that difficult to catch, there just are not many of them
  8. Tall cool one

    Tall cool one strictly flyfishing

    I wouild beg to differ about tremont,I'be caught trout all the way into dayton. Certainly the majority are farther up but I would draw the line at buck ck. That last two mi before buck has the biggest trout, IMHO.
    Smallies are from S'field on down and they are fat and sassy in there.The Mad's smb's weigh more for their length than from our other rivers but are not as easy to catch as the ones in lmr,gmr and stillwater. As I noted in a previous post, the velocity of the Mad is significantly greater than our other rivers and if ya aint scratchin bottom you aint gonna get hooked up.In the river from S'field down it's deep and fast so you have to use heavier weight and deeper diving stuff. For me that translates into using the fastest sinking flylines I have and casting up into the current before it swings out so I can get to the bottom.The water clarity also makes it harder to hook fish as they are more suspicious,being able to see more movemet on the banks and scrutinize your presentation.
    The Mad used to be good toward dayton but the droughts have hurt the river as the city takes a lot of water out as it goes through their property off harshman. The city digs in the riverbed at findlay(is'nt that illegal?there's fedral laws about that) and the silt that's always washing down has ruined the river from there to the confluence w/ the gmr,TC1