Mad River???

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  1. Anyone fish the Mad River for smallies? Haven't fished it much lately and I also haven't noticed many posts on OGF regarding the Mad. I usually fish in the Fairborn area off of SR 235. Any other good smallie access points between Fairborn and Springfield?
  2. Try in between the route 4 and enon road exit (off route 4) crossing of the mad. This stretch is less than 1/4 mile long, but there are some rapids and a few deep holes.

    Heading down stream from enon road exit and toward route 4, be sure to cross the bridge and walk downstream on the right side. You cannot wade downstream on the left side.

    Fished for some browns there last year. Caught a more smallies than brown. It might not be the best area on the mad for smallies, but it is easy access and in the area you requested. Fish at the bend and ack upstream, where you see the rope swing hanging from a tree across the river.

  3. Thanks Whiskers! Wonder why there aren't more post about the Mad River.
  4. good smallies spots are few and far between on the Mad, especially north of Huffman Dam. i was ATTEMPTING to do some smallie fishing once near Enon a few years back, didnt even get one solid strike. bumped into an 'old timer that day and he talked about how that river hasnt been the same since they started stocking "those $#$@#$ trout". apparently from what he said the Mad up that way was loaded with big smallies before the trout. there is some halfway decent stretches i fish up to 3 miles north of downtown Dayton but even there they are few and far between there. i know from Huffman Dam downstream a half mile to that first lowhead is an awesome stretch for smallies, quite deep too in spots. unfortunately the Metro Parks have eliminated the parking areas at the Dam and the conservency district blocked off the only pull off down from there years ago:( .
  5. I have never heard of the mad being that good for smallies. I hear it used to be decent but was probably overfished because at one time the state record was from there. The trout stocking has nothing to do with it since they started stocking them in the late 1800's and the trout stick to the norther stretches where smallies would really only hang out during the dog days of summer because of the water temp.
  6. I mainly fish the LMR for smallies. I used to fish the Mad but it's not the easiest river to wade. There are some good smallies in there but like you all said few and far between.