Mad River trout today

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  1. I started to hit a local pond for large mouth but it had a thin sheet of ice on it. So off to the mad. It is cold out there with the ice forming in my eyelets every few casts. But Mr. Brown Trout had my blood warm by hitting hard. I was trowing inline spinners and rapalas, with barbs filed off, north of Urbana. I only got to fish a few hours around mid day but had plenty of hits, especially on the spinners. Not big ones, all in the 8 to 12 inch range, but plenty of hits and yep plenty of misses. I love fishing this time of year, I did not see another person. Waders are hung to dry out and the fire wood is carried in now I can just set down and enjoy playing sorry or another game with the kids. Days like this are what keeps a person young.
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    the mad is really fun, fast water though, i heard its pretty high right now though. My friend took me their 1 time(my first time fly fishing ever) and fished for about 3 hours. Around the Springfield area, i caught 1 brown trout, about 10 inches, got him on a wooly bugger, he said that nobody goes out to the mad and catches one their first time. But sounds like a fun day, what kind of spinners were you using?

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    I went out on a scouting trip today and headed to Springfield. I found it hard to be outside of the car for more than a few minutes. There were quite a few places with open water, surprisingly, but most was iced over.