Mad river trout report

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  1. I went out agian Sunday @ Urbana and caught more brown trout on a panther martin. 6 small 6-8 inches, 4 medium @10 inches and 2 nice ones 13, 14 1/2. I missed a bunch of other strikes so there are plenty of fish to be had if you don't mind the cold. It's a great cure for cabin fever:)
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    Nice Report
    Thanks for Posting

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    Jeeez, you guys are gonna convince me pretty quick to order my waders from Cabelas and get in the water! Sheesh!!
  4. I am just curious, But is there a lot of public access to the Mad in that area? I have only canoed down the river and caught a trout but was wondering how easy it would be to wade the river.
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    Isnt that private property?
    I heard it s good fishing talking to dale today.
    But i dont want to trespass on anyones property.
    Is there a public access
    I heard the brown and rainbow are really hitiing there.
    But was there? But was told to use 4 to 6 lb line.
    They can see the line. The fish.:)
  6. most of the fishing spot on mr have a easment for fishermen .
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    There are fishing easements around some of the bridges. Most of it is private property. Please consult a map and respect property owners.
  8. The ODNR website has a downloadable map that shows access points. Trout Unlimited has made some small gravel parking lots that have fishing rules posted on them. The fishing is great so lets keep it that way by being respectfull of private property and leaving the area cleaner than when we arrived. Mad river outfitters also post current stream conditions on thier website. Good luck all and see you on the Mad. :B
  9. I went to the Mad at Urbana one time. We had an unseasonably warm day, and I tried a little wading with just tennis shoes and jeans (no waders). My buddy said "we'd be fine". I lasted a very short time (1/2 hour or less). I was freezing and fishless. I always wanted to get waders and go back to do it right. You've almost got me convinced!
  10. There are a couple spots you can hit from shore but waders are they key. I'd get some you'll be glad you did!:B

    Tony V