mad River this Friday?

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by JeremyDavis, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Anyone heading to the Mad this Friday? I am planning on breaking my Mad River cherry but I am not sure where to go. I figure I'll head towards Urbana and then head along 68. If anyone has any advice where to go or wants to meet up, that would be awesome. You can pm me and set something up. Thanks!
  2. I was thinking about going on friday but I'm not sure yet, if you go I dont think the section will matter. I fished it for less than two hours the other day, making short stops in three areas(upper, middle and lower), and had fish at each spot, landed four for eight bites, all dries, there were midges, some small mayflies, and a few types of caddis coming off, nothing heavy but enough to get the fish looking up bigtime. I like the areas from urbana down in the mornings, the fish are often easier upriver but I feel that the extra water helps me spot fish at a distance and gives me a shot at seeing more risers. I will pm you if I end up going.

  3. I actually have a few appointments at Ohio State Friday morning, latest one starts at 11 so if I go, it'll be right in the middle of the afternoon. Not a great time to go but that's probably the only chance I will have to get over there.
  4. my plans changed so I will be headed out to the mad in the morning, will report how I do when I get back.