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Mad River Thieves

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by wader, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. wader

    wader Fishing Fool

    Unfortunately I have to inform all of you that 2 of my last 3 floats down the Mad River have been ruined by some thieving SOB's that think it is ok to smash a strangers car window and help themselves to thier things. This last time my buddy even left his doors unlocked, and the bast**** still smashed his window. If there are any DNR/law enforcement types reading this, I am begging you to keep a closer eye on the Rt. 41 and Eagle City Rd. parking areas, especially early in the morning. These areas are literally covered in broken safety glass. I don't want to hear that I should fish somewhere else, or that I should just leave my windows down so some dirtbag can go thru my truck and move on. I buy a fishing liscense every year that helps support trout stockings, etc... Most importantly, I don't want to fish anywhere else, nor should I have to. Does anyone have any ideas other than taking the law into our own hands, because I don't. These violations must be addressed on the behalf of everyone who enjoys the river. Anyone who fishes the Mad or lives in Spfld, please chime in and maybe we can come up with some ideas.
  2. Flathead King 06

    Flathead King 06

    well I havent experienced any of this before, but know exactly what you are talkiing about...THIEVES!!! they scavanged through a buddies vehicle last year and ended up taking close to $200 worth of fishing and construction equipment...they smashed out his back window in his car...but a really good buddy of mine and my dad's fishes it all the time and has never had any problems that I know of...but he fishes the area from urbana north to rt. 36

  3. wader

    wader Fishing Fool

    From what I understand, many people have been ripped off along the river around town. My truck has never been vandalized, but I can't stand to see my friends get ripped off, especially when it was me that talked them into floating the river with me. If there is one thing that really gets my blood boiling it is a THIEF!!! This is just one more thing that makes Spfld look even worse than it already is.
  4. Take a baseball bat and your favorite bowhunting attire and return the favor. It seems you have a better than average chance of seeing them if they've gotten you 2 of the last 3 times. Be sure to feel threatened by them when you come wandering out of the woods though.
  5. it happened to my buddy there as well..........they are very very notorious for this....
    they stole over a grand worth of stuff if i remember correctly
  6. crank


    I was the first buddy of Wader's that he mentioned and am still dealing with recovering documents stolen from my glove box. So far I estimate my break-in has cost me $500 and 15 hours of wasted time.

    What makes your frustration with law enforcement so much more justified, Wader, are all the stories I've been reading here about the recent harassment of honest folks on the LMR, Rocky Fork, etc. I filed a police report with the city, but I wonder if DNR ever gets wind of that stuff? "Fishing" for violations by harassing fishermen is definitely NOT the way to foster positive attitudes toward outdoor recreation and law enforcement.
  7. Flathead King 06

    Flathead King 06

    had to file a police report a few years ago for assualt from a drunken @#*$& down on the banks of buck creek...the person became drunk and walked down the bank and pushed all my tackle and bucket of fish into the creek and stood there and laughed...called up to my house and while I was trying to get my mother or father to act accordingly (call the police) the drunk started to verbally harass me and proceeded down the bank once again and pushed me into the the time I was a minor, so if I would have thought and known the police wouldnt have done nothing, I could have let loose and solved th eproblem myself, but when you're in a situation as that you dont think... the police never contacted us until 2 weeks later and then they said they couldnt do anything about it...we even gave them the name of the person who did all this as well as where they lived, but no...the night we called them to file a report they didnt even show up...local government law enforcement for ya....even tried byron rice to see if he could do anything and he wouldnt even contact me back
  8. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    I read a post on here somewhere where a person put some sharp type object under the seats so when the crook ran his hand under there it cut him up real bad. Wouldn't solve the breakin problem, but might give ya alittle satisfaction, just don't forget yourself!
  9. been there unfortunately many times before:( . with us it was mostly %@$#^@$$^%$!#@ trying to keep folks from fishing certain spots:mad: . my advice? get some camo....hide in the bushes.....take a big baseball bat, preferably wood!:D

  10. yeah and then the guy robbing your stuff would sue you and win because you purposly set it up to hurt someone...much like the guy breaking into someones house and he gets hurt and sues....and wins, you read about stuff like that all the time.

    But the initial poster is should not have to fish anywhere else. You should be able to have the problem addressed, Unfortunately the police and DNR are not willing to sit in bush's while you fish...Me personally, i'd tie my dog up to the car with enough chain so he could run around the car a dozen times or so, then when i was done fishing, i'd buy him a nice big steak.

    You could always set up a camera to record while you were fishing?????? or better yet, hide in the trunk then jump out( that might get you hurt though), but would be great to see the look on the face of the thief :D

    being violated like that really sucks, my wife had her belongings taken from her car, credit cards, health cards,cell phone, they even took the pack of gum that was in there and some of my kid's library books. :mad: one thing is for sure, what comes around goes around, they have to sleep with themselves and will probably get tenfold what they do to others.

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune, maybe karma will reward you with a nice fish one of these days.. best of luck with whatever you decide to do.
  11. i like the bushes idea use the bat as a deterant and have handcuffs ready, and make a citizens arrest, make sure to have a buddy with u, the downside is ull have to wait until they break a window out for intent.

    it seems more and more these days less is being down about criminal activity and the cops keep telling us that we need to help them clean up the streets, do they really want vigilanties out there taking on the crime, i think not for the ones that have been harmed in this crimes usually hold grudges as i would and would take anger out on the criminal for the things they have done to us, but yet the cops continue to eat there donuts and park in parking lots and talk about there plans for the weekend instead of doing there jobs, on a good note good thing we have rookie gunho cops cause they follow the books to the "T".
  12. Flathead King 06

    Flathead King 06

    Yea and then your dog would wind up dead...a dog isnt going to stop a thief...Wader is right, you shouldnt have to worry about your vehicle let alone anything else while fishing, the DNR just needs to be informed alot more about these "intrusions" and maybe crack down on them
  13. wader

    wader Fishing Fool

    I have been giving serious thought to putting on the camo and hiding in the weeds. There is a perfect spot to do it at Eagle City Rd. I am afraid of somone driving by, and seeing me give a thief a vicious beating, then calling the law on me though. I know if Crank and I had caught someone in the act, they would probably still be in the hospital. If they can put a camera at a red light to give you a ticket without allowing you to confront your accuser, why can't they put a camera on a pole at a couple of parking areas along the river. they would catch all kinds of people stealing, selling dope, littering and so on. Does anyone know who to talk to about this? City clowncil? Sherrifs dept? It may be easier just to form a posse....
  14. This has been going on in these areas for years:( My uncle has had his window busted at least 3-4 times on the Mad in the last 20 years; I've been lucky myself. I did catch a group of shady looking teenagers at my truck last year - claimed they were "looking around". They went on their way; thankfully because there were 4 of them and I was alone. I usually carry a small .22mag (daringer style), but did not have it on me that day. The whole thing made me very nervous. The law knows about it, but it is "out of the way" for them to make routine patrols, etc.

    Sad what some people would do and I can't blame you for beating them silly if you catch them in the act.
  15. JerryA

    JerryA fishing fool

    Better hope you don't bring a baseball bat to a gun fight.

    I used to wade the creeks and rivers all the time - mostly in Indiana. Luckily, never had anyone mess with my truck. I used to have people stop along the road while I was walking back to my truck and ask me if I wanted a lift. That's the way it outta be.
  16. Get up earlier than usual one day, park the truck in the usual spot, leave something expensive looking in a really conspicuous place so everyone can see it, find a good vantage point behind some bushes, and don't forget your favorite sniper rifle! ;)

    Guaranteed best way to get rid of scum like that!
  17. If worried about the bat < gun thing, Ohio is an open carry state and we have a relatively easy path to concealed carry licensure. Easy to carry a quality firearm that will not be destroyed if gotten wet. Just be trained and be able to shoot true the first time, if you confront a crook you should have the drop on him. If he pulls on you squeeze first but be sure of what is behind the worthless POS if it goes all the way through. Don't want to hurt an innocent while ridding the gene pool of worthless DNA.
  18. In one thread people are criticizing someone for having a couple of beers and now people want someone beat down or even killed. I happen to agree the natural reaction is to retaliate. My house got broken into and I entered and exited with a .45 for about six months. The whole thieving thing is an invasion of your privacy and your sense of security. Be careful what road you choose. Assaulting someone over a misdemeanor could turn out much worse for you. Sometimes you just need to remove yourself from these situations. I know you don't want to hear that you need to fish elsewhere but this is the society we live in. I work in law enforcement and can tell you that nothing happens to these petty little thieves. Ohio has one of the largest prison populations per capita in the country. There is no room for them.

    I imagine that the police didn't dust for prints. If this happens and they don't process your vehicle or your house for evidence you need to contact a supervisor (Sgt.). Law enforcement in general, myself included, begin to see these crimes as routine.

    None of this is suppose to make you feel any better but hey, like I said, this is the society we live in. I am definitely not trying to stand on a podium. If I would have known who broke in my house, there would have been a good chance of him getting a beat down too. LOL
  19. wader

    wader Fishing Fool

    I am glad to hear from someone in law enforcement, and am not surprised at the response. I know there are bigger fish to fry and these things get viewed as "victimless crimes" because no one is getting hurt, even though the folks who see them that way get their income from our tax dollars. As far as I know, none of my buddies vehicles were dusted for prints, or processed in any way as to lead to building a case. They got "that sucks, file a report" from law enforcemnt. I am incredibly frustrated by all of this, CCW is looking like a really good option. i don't want to kill anyone, but it would be nice to make a scumbag or two wet thier pants out of fear.....
  20. East county line has had some incidents this yearas well. Same situation, broken window and rumage through the vehicle for valuables.

    Small time crooks like these are more than likely dirt stupid people. The kind of stupid where all they know is how to lie, steal, eat, and relieve themselves. You can't tell me this isn't the same group of people busting windows up and down the mad in springfield.

    Lets all agree to demand the police dust for prints if this happens to our vehicle or our friends vehicle. Stupid crooks get caught at some point. When they get caught, they get printed. If 5 vehicles broken into were dusted for prints, I am willing to bet law enforcement could find one good print. I am also willing to bet that print will produce a name.