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  1. I'm making plans for the spring and I'm curious about the Mad river. What species are found there besides trout? Is the trout fishing good all the way down to the Clark and Montgomery counties or is it all in the northern section?
  2. As I understand it, trout are rarely found South of SR55. They like cooler water. I was fishing by the bridge at Spangler Rd. once and a friendly game warden told me that I wouldn't find any trout in Clark County. They're all up in Champaign County. I failed to prove him wrong :)

  3. they are as far south as Dayton, few but they are there. i caught 2 in one trip (one a rainbow, one a brown) years back right in sight of downtown Dayton. caught them by accident though, was sucker fishing with redworms. heard of a few caught this past summer near here as well. what i know of the Mad is from Huffman Dam-south. some decent smallies, nothing like the GMR or stillwater though. the occasional channel cat, carp, rock bass as well.
  4. I have fished from route 4 all the way down to GMR numerous times over the dinkbuster mentions there are trout down that far south just not many....I have seen a few caught by people on accident as he mentioned as recent as a few months back (both brown and rainbows)
    As far as smallies....there a lot of them in that stretch and some with some size to them (17"+) is just real hard to find my experience most larger smallies like to hit when the rivers start rising a bit...on the mad it seems like this is intensified even more so

    Rock bass...haven't done as well with those in the mad in recent years...prob because there are now more carp than I can ever remember in that stretch.
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    Jim - If you are after trout, stay north on the Mad. If you are after smallmouth, stay on GMR.
  6. I saw a guy pull a 3 lb brown trout out of the GMR last month with shiners.
  7. On the GMR?
  8. Traditionally the Rt 41 Bridge ( Near Springfield/Upper Valley Mall ) is the cut off point for trout on the Mad, below that pont, Buck Creek comes in and the stream is too warm for summer trout so most stay North of there, Now when we get heavy winter flows, Browns are known to do a little migration and could potentially be found anywhere down to the mouth of the GMR but very few and never enough to actually target them. Now rainbows ( from local trout clubs) are always migrating downstream and all through the winter can be caught down to Fairborn but seldom do we see them below Huffman dam. Again, always the strays, 1 here, 1 there and never enough to chase but always nice pleasant suprise when you hook one. In the summer months, work the fastest deepest white water you can find, Rainbows with heavy oxygen, can survive in water temps up to the mid 70's. ( Just fight them fast), and be very careful and release them near the fast water so they stand a chance to survive. And typically the browns will migrate back north when water temps get warm so while you may see one in the winter, by summer, there very rare, every once in a while some one will get one below a dam in Dayton where the oxygen is high and they can not get back home.
  9. believe it or not it seems one or two usually show up at the Dam in West Carrolton each year. the ones i have seen pics of were always HUGE, no doubt took a whole lifetime to get down that far. i seen one about 2lb this summer on a stringer, kid was fising in the GMR just downstream from the confluence of the Mad and caught one on a crankbait. last winter i went up and fished for "Wild" (non paylake) trout for the first time on the Mad. was suprised on how easy they (smaller ones) were to catch on nite-crawlers. hopefully plan on using what i learned and target them here on the Mad within Dayton city limits this winter.