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Mad River Reports?

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Whiskers, May 24, 2007.

  1. Was think of trying MR at the Dallas road access point for some brown this weekend. Salmonid had suggested that spot a few weeks, as the most southern hatch activity on mr.

    Will mosting be fishing with rooster tails/spinners, but will give a go with my fly rod as some point. Any suggestions at stretchs of the Mad by Dallas Road? Would you head upstream or down?

    Never been on that stretch of the mad and am hoping to minimize time scouting. Thanks for the imput.


  2. wader

    wader Fishing Fool


    I suggest waiting until late evening or hitting it as early as you can. The tube and rental canoe traffic on the river is going to be very thick this weekend. As for good spots, head up or down stream, but the good ones are kind of spread out. Hope you have menas to float, otherwise you are trespassing.
  3. Mad River Outfitters report is great if you are looking for the right fly selection or want info about current hatches. As for areas of the mad to target, they have always been pretty general with their description.

    As for floating, I guess I need to eat a ton of beans tonight :D . Actually, I had planned on wading. I have full waders so can usually navigate most of the mad without having to step out of the water. No sure if that still constitutes treaspassing or not...maybe I'll stick to the stretch of MR I have more familiarity with and I have permission to fish.

  4. CamdenGizzard

    CamdenGizzard Elroderator

    heck with the trespassing idiots not you wader but the land owners. Stay in the creek and no one should bother you. It's not trespassing anymore they are working as we speak on cleaning up the laws.