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  1. Went to the Mad River today, saw lots of trout but got :S . They seemed to be hitting on yellowish nymphs, unfortunately I am clean out. The real unfortunate part about this is I broke my fly pole. The 2nd piece snapped about 1 in from where it meets with the the 1st piece. It was caused by the two pieces becoming separated (creating a weak spot), then giving it a jerk when I got snagged on a log. The break is clean and I don't see any stress cracks. I just need about 1 to 1 1/2 in of graphite added. So would any one recommend a good, fair priced, reliable rod repair shop in either Darke, Miami, or Montgomery County.
  2. You might try contacting the bass station in Piqua for a reference to repair person

  3. It can't hurt to ask the Tackle Shack in Troy if they do this sort of thing. I know that they do some basic repairs, but I can't vouch for the quality of their work. I only know that they have been in business long enough to be around to honor any warranty. I only mention them because they are a shorter drive for you than, say Fisherman's Quarters in Dayton, whom I have heard does good work.

    Here is their website:

    Phone number is: 339-4455
  4. I think I will just try the Fisherman's Quarters. I read some reviews and they seem to be the best in the area. I want it done right, its a high stress area in the rod. Still kicking my self for not noticing before it was too late, turned a $300 custom rod into $300 pos in about .25 of a second. Has any one used FQ before? Whats the turn around like? Reasonable prices?
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    Im with River Anglin if the tackle shack does it I would try there. I did actually manage to hit the Mad to day and caught 11 2 were in the 15- 16" range. I caught only 3 on fly and the rest were on spinners, but once I got back to my car I noticed the tip of my fly rod had broke off. I hope you solve your problem
  6. If the buzz is that the tackle shack does good work, I will give them a shot then. Just down from 75 so no big deal if I have to go to Dayton, I guess. Good to hear you where able to catch some. I saw several others, none seemed to be having much better luck than me. What kinds of flys and spinners were you using? This is only my second time fishing for trout and they seem much more timid than any other fish I have gone after. I tried to use my normal stuff that I use for bass and pan fish, they seemed more curious than hungry about it. They just went wild though when ever a little swarm of flies would land on the water.
  7. fq does great work and i think they are resonable cost 20 bucks to get a rod repaired brook it in two pieces turn around time can be slow depending on how many rods they have
  8. Good to hear FQ does good work. I had to take it there, tackle shack didn't even want to look at it after the verbal description, HAHA I am guessing the most complex repair they do is replacing tips and eyes. The guy at FQ seemed really knowledgeable, but I guess they have a lot of jobs so I wont see it anytime soon.
  9. After realizing that you were talking about a $300.00 rod, I'm glad you ended up at FQ. The Tackle Shack is just convenient for the location, but even if they accepted the job, I'd be a little hesitant to let them do it.

    Just for grins, I have to ask... Does a $300.00 fishing pole come with built-in radar, LCD screen and a sonic fish attractor?
  10. The people at the Tackle Shack are mostly into archery.
  11. Yes it has all of those features plus it can cast its self and with the built in MP3 player I never run out of jams;) . But seriously I could never afford a rod like that, my Grandfather had it made for me, he has since passed away giving it even more value to me.
  12. That's a heck of a nice gift. I hope they can fix it. That could be a nice family heirloom for your own kids someday.
  13. I know it's a little off topic, but what stretch of the Mad river were you fishing, because I would love to get into some nice trout close to home if that ends up being the case.
  14. The Urban area, Pimtown Rd to 36.
  15. from rt. 55 north is also can't beat a small spinning outfit rigged with a split shot,hook and redworm or nightcrawler tail.I know some are partial to fly-fishing,but I believe this rig will produce more fish on a regular basis.
  16. Thanks everyone, might have to put this bit of knowledge into use sometime soon.

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