Mad River Report ( 7-22-07 )

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  1. Went to the Mad River this evening, in one of my hot spots.. My brother ( On OGF as Bowhunter9017, ) and I. He ended up catching 3, and I caught 7. They weren't that big, but we were confined to one pool, because of all the crazy a** canoers, and people on rafts causing a ruckus lol. Biggest was about 12 inches. I'm going out again ( Probably Tue, or Wed ) to catch some more ( Hopefull the 2-3LBers I sometimes catch ). I took some pictures on a disposable camera, and will upload them as soon as I get them developed.

    * I was using the following baits: A small chartreuse tube jig on a floating jighead ( with a sinker about a ft up from the jig ) and tipped with a waxworm, small artifical rubber minnow ( fished on a small barbless jig head ), and lastly a small ( orange coated / barbless ) hook with a red worm, letting it drift in the currents. Not the biggest trout, like I usually catch. But, still a very fun, productive fishing outting.

    ( Oh yeah, Also caught about a 4LB Sucker lol )

    ** Matt **
  2. I've never fished the Mad River but would like to try sometime. You mention your use of barbless hooks, are there special rules for fishing the Mad River? I know there is a size limit, but I'm Catch and Release. Is there a requirment that hooks be barbless?

  3. No, Im sorry for the confusion. You are not required to use barbless hooks for trout. Its just alot less stressful, and less harmful for the fish. Trout are very sensitive fish and need to be handled as gently as possible. If you plan on eating them, then its fine to use barbed hooks. But if you plan on releasing them, then its best to use a barbless hook.
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    The best bait for Browns are nightcrawlers. A small spit shot with a nightcrawler about 8-10" beneath it and you'll catch browns.