Mad River on Tuesday

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by JeremyDavis, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. I am planning on heading over to the Mad on Tuesday since I am off and the weather is supposed to be "warmer". I have been keeping an eye on the gauges and it looks liekt he river is coming back down pretty well and should be great by tuesday. My question is, does anyone know what the clarity is? And what sections are fishing right now. Not sure if I should head to Urbana or up to Pimtown and West Lib park.
  2. looks like the water should be clearish-stained with the consistant drop on the gauge, but totally fishable. I would head up, not WL I never do well that high, but pimtown would fish well, if the water is over 200 I would stay above 29, unless you want to head down and throw some big streamers. heck though, I've caught (a) fish on a dry at 55 when it was fluke
    they're may be some small winter black stoneflies out(#16-18 black parachute would work, or a sparse stimulator/elk hair caddis) especially if its sunny. midges as always, and if you nymph stay small, a #14-16 dark green copper john followed by a #18-20 zebra midge or PT is a favorite combo of mine this time of year, or throw buggers or scary big streamers.

  3. Would be curious about progress on the relocation of the ditch by the castles. Am looking forward to not tagging a Buick on my backcast. If you happen to go by there would appreciate hearing what you see.
  4. Ron, go to Madmen TU site and click on Macochee project. Tried to copy and past for you but failed. Since I know nothing about computers. . Then google Macochee Restoration, there it has Oxbow Restorations site and many more even pictures of the project.
    My own opinion, I think they done a good job. They planted shrubs and saplings last November. I guess the castle and madmen TU are planing on watching over the place in the future. They will be monitoring the area to see how open fishing will go. The long run if everyone respects the creek, trout and owners, it should be alright. I know I'll be watching for litterers.
  5. Thanks Gadabout. I'll take a look there.
  6. Fished today south of 36. Thank God for those 5mm 1600 gram boot duck hunting waders.

    Water clear. Caught two Browns.12-14 inches. One on a green copper john the next on a brown colored streamer. I started to throw streamers to try and get warm.

    Water was running just under 200 so things were good. I had to get the new 4wgt. out and play.