mad river blues

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by FINN, Oct 19, 2007.

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    fished the mad river last night, below the 29 west bridge, to no avail. i used red trout worms on a bobber with my ultra light. i saw some carp, crawdads, and chubs with my flashlight but couldnt spot any trout. can anyone tell me how to fish the mad for trout at night, and do flashlights spook them? any advice will be seriously appreciated as im headed back again tonight.


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    In my experience, flashlights will spook fish. I come from the Rockies and up there stillwater night fishing is popular, but most guys recommend either using an LED with just enough for you to see when you're retying or messin with your reel. Or, use a red light. This light doesn't penetrate the water was far and won't spook the fish.

    Typically, at night: the bigger the better. Since the mad is mostly a brown habitat, night fishing should be productive for the big boys. That is when most big fish will wander from their safer under cut banks in search of stray cuisine. Use something big that imitates either another small trout or a minnow. If you saw crawdads, use a craw-imitation. Big browns love em. Fly fisherman do well at night with a mouse-fly. Yep, mouse. I've never threw one, but guys do and they catch fish.