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Mad River 3-22-05

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by jamie329, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. Fished the Mad yesterday, didn't have a whole lot of luck. Cold and windy, water temp was 46. I think the trout knew a front was coming in and holed up. Did see two guys pull out a 19 incher and a 24 incher. Really nice trout, but they were using spin rods and night crawlers. I fished my little heart out though, and hit some really fine looking water. But they didn't want what I had.
    On a better note, I saw a couple rising, so I tied on my trusty Adams and did manage to catch a couple in about 10 minutes with a few other strikes. I am extremely ready to fish the dries. Tired of nymphing and throwing streamers. Don't get me wrong, it's fun, but I am a dry fly kinda guy.
    Saw some midges, no may flies. Not even a one, but then again, it was cloudy and I think the water was warmer than the air. Better luck next time I suppose.

    Any one else been on the Mad lately?
  2. please tell me you saw them release those two nice fish...please? Your day on the Mad sounds like most of my days on the Mad, but I'll keep going back. In fact, I now looking for info about the closest place to access the Mad that is near where I-70 and 675 meet on the NE side of Dayton...probably have to hit 68 and go up towards Urbana to find any decent fishing, but I'm sure someone will have a suggestion. I have to drive thru that area every week now and want to occasionally stop and fish.


  3. The guy that caught the 24 incher said, good enough for dinner. He wasn't there a total of 15 minutes and took his trout and went home. I don't know if the other guy released his though.

    I caught a nice 21 and a half incher on 29 last spring on my 4 wt rod, talk about alot of fun. I was worried that he was too wore out when I finally landed him. He was as fat as he was long. He ran hard too, about 10 feet from going into my backing. But he revived just fine and off he went.

    Any one else have any good big trout stories on the mad??