Mad River 1/20

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  1. Went to the Mad today started out in Zansfield, never been there till today, I might be a good place to fish in the summer when the water is high but today it was low and not very wide and mostly frozen over
    So i drove in to West Liberty, walked the banks found a decent spot.
    It was really could today but i just felt good to finally get out instead of talking or reading about it.
    Wish for all the trouble suiting up in the cold I would have caught something bigger but better than nothing
    One was about a fingerling brown 7 inches about
    the secound i believe was a baby fingerling Carp.....

    I don't know if Shortdrift reads through the fly fishing section but if you do.... Thank you some much, these are not the first fish i caught using this rod I caught two Browns last year in the Clear fork about 15 inches
    I bought this rod off of Shortdrift and he took me down to his pond and gave me a casting lesson
    thank you

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  2. Yup, a small brown trout and the other fish is the curse of all trout fishermen, the Creek Chub....:p

    At least you got out, good job and the water levels now are much higher then in the Summer BTW...


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    Yes I do read the Long Rod Forum and enjoy it very much. I'm glad you like the rod and hope you continue to sharpen your skills as it appears you have done so already. Nothing wrong with a 7" Brown. I caught a lot of 7" Brook Trout in Michigan and enjoyed every minute. Let me know if you are ever coming up this way. I'll take you out on Erie and see if we could get into a few Steelhead (on trolling rods):)