Mad River 1/12

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  1. Went out to the Mad on Saturday to chase down some trout on the fly with a buddy of mine. After we decided that the water in the souther reaches was still too fast to be safely fished, we hightailed it north.
    Bear in mind - we were WELL north of the confluence with Buck Creek, the air temp was 30°F, and the water temp was 42°. This is textbook trout environment, isn't it? Then what did I do wrong?

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  2. Flathead King 06

    Flathead King 06

    looks like the eagle city rd bridge in the back ground.... if so, that area, to my knowledge, has never been that great of an area for trout.... I have fished it many times and have never caught more than 10 trout in all my trips there.... anyways, if you are looking for trout pm me and Ill tell you a few spots I know about on the mad

  3. Nice looking bass. That spot is north of the Eagle City bridge. That area your in does hold a decent number of trout in spots. As for the bass, just to his left there is a drain to a big private lake. And this time of year a few bass get washed into the stream from the lake. I usually catch a few bass each year from that area. As for the trout, who knows why they were not hitting that day. Just below that bridge there is run that travels from the bridge to the west side of the river and then moves back to the center and drops just in front of a big tree on the west bank. Depending on their feeding they may be any where from ten yards up river from the tree to rite in the drop at the tree.
  4. This time of year,use single egg patterns, wollybuggers, and you need to be closer to the bottom. If I am not mistaken that little mouse is a top water fly the trout are holding close to the bottom right now.
  5. Thanks guys - this particular spot was a couple miles north of Eagle City bridge. We hit that area first, but the water was moving way too quickly to be safe, so we headed north to get above some major tribs.
    We were swinging obnoxiously large streamer patterns with saltwater leadheads to get down to the bottom quickly - even so, the water's speed required us to mend line quickly to allow the fly to get down.
    Given the conditions and the area, I thought it hilarious that a bass was the best fish on the day. Walter's observations are true, but this is pretty generally trout territory given water conditions, and as such we were extremely surprised to pull this guy out of the water. Don't get me wrong, he was a very sporting fellow!
  6. the bass came out of muzzy lakes more than likely-it is loaded- and a decent amount get out through the overflow into the river.the river is loaded with trout,lots of small guys.i know a lot of you fly fish but light action spinning and a redworm or small crawler with no or little weight can't be beat. have fished the river for about 30 years,my best is an 8# brown and a buddy has a 7+ rainbow on the wall.
  7. Flathead King 06

    Flathead King 06

    yea... those little bass tend to hang around where the water flows in.... I know in the summer time you can got to the bridge at eagle city rd. and down where the private pond flows in after rains... you can usually catch a few nice ones....

    and when it comes to fishing for trout.... you cant beat the thrill of using an ultra light action 4.5' rod, 2lb test line with a split show and little hook.... and red worms are the best bait to float them through the holes