mad report

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  1. anybody have any luck on the river this weekend ? i am going to give it a try tommorow if i do any good i will let you know
  2. I crossed it today on Int 70 just before 675, and its way UP!

  3. will have current stream conditions for the mad .
  4. Stopped just to look on Sat with my 8 year old. Colored but not raging. Really didn't look when I drove over it this morning but will check on it while out and about this afternoon.
  5. Here's the report off of mad river outfitters.

    2/8/09- We can forget about fishing for a few days. The snow melt trashed the river overnight. The flow quadrupled in the last 12 hours. We might see fishable levels by Tues if it doesn't rain.
    Current Flow
    Rt. 36- 490 cfs
    St. Paris- 1680 cfs
  6. decided to wait a few days after good advice given. thanks