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Mad browns

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Walter Adkins, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. I left around twenty mad browns with soar lips in the river today after 3hrs of fishing. Started with a black rostertail switched to a white rostertail. I had never tried a rapal for trout before today. They were eating it up. Did not get any big ones, but they all mesured between 10" and 14". The rapal had good size ratio all of them were between 12-14.
    The water was flowing fast and up a little. The water got muddier as the day went on, did not seem to bother the bite though.
  2. Sounds like a good day!

    The success that you had with a Rapala has inspired me to try a Wee-Crawl next time that I make it up there (I've always wanted to try one for trout).

  3. Walter, good deal on the active fish. Just a note for those not very experienced with Brown trout, there lips are softer then crappies so if your gonna use rooster tails and even more so plugs, PLEASE break off the hooks, or replace with single barbless hooks. All those fish you caught were stocked last fall or the fall before, and if one of them got tore up lips, they may starve to death before they heal if at all. We catch many fish with tore mandibles and find many mutations from prior releases where someone was not very careful with the fish, Trout are VERY susceptible to fungus, tail rot and even death so when you release them, be very careful and if you must lift them or hold them, do so minimumly and always wet your hand first. Also we recommend you use a net sparingly and always get it wet first as well.

    Cheers, just wanted to remind people how snsitive the trout can be and to always be VERY careful with them, Check out a tool called "KetchN Release" pretty slick or better yet, always use hemostats to unhook them without touching them.

    President, Mad Man chapter of Trout Unlimited
  4. creekwalker

    creekwalker Moving water...

    I tried one in West Virginia last year and did quite well with it. Caught my biggest fish of the day on it...'bout 18". In that river (don't remember the name), the volume of water was more than the Mad, so when I cast it into some of the riffles, the water pushed it right down to the bottom and made it really easy to work the lure where the fish were.

    FYI, we were planning on fly fishing, but my buddy forgot his rod :eek: so I used my ultra-light and he used my fly rod since he wasn't experienced with spinning tackle. Gave me an opportunity to try out some different lures for trout...rooster tail, rapala, and wee-crawl all worked pretty well.
  5. Thanks for the safe handling tips Salmonid. As a long time bass fisherman, I have to get out of the habit of lipping trout, both for their well being and mine! I have two wee Crawls that I modified (single hook) about 5 years ago to use in the Smoky Mountains. I just have never gotten around to using them. Also, Roostertails seem to work just as well with as single hook, as the trout really nail them. I just wish that I had enough confidence to start using my fly gear! I have just made too many long fishless trips with only the fly rod, and I always seem to catch fish with spinning gear.
  6. Thanks Salmonoid for the information.
    Same here Rooster. I took the long rod with me but the water was to stained for my inexperience.