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Hit what looks like my new fall hole as Ive been getting some good topwater bites and none of my holes near it on his stretch seem to be holding any fish.(going by what OSG mentioned the other day) started with my black j bug but no takers, let alone any slight interest. Switched to a pop-r and got slammed on my second cast.

Investigating the walk the dog technique as I've not really tried it before. Originally I would slow retrieve it with suttle pops here n there. Gotta say I'm really surprise how much attention it got with hard violent jerking. Definitely have much to learn.

Anyways, got slammed hard and got a pretty good fight outta a fat 15" smallie. Moved down a long deep pool just after a 30 yard riffle where I've seen tons of evening jumpers last week or so. Worked it for about an hour but only got two dinks at about 6-7". Nothing rest of sunset but definitely a good trip Imo. Nice and peaceful.

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