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Got down to the first spot around 6 or so. Threw for about an hour in a usually productive eddy/pool that's about 50-60 feet long with not a single bite. Decided to move up river and fished a stretch about a hundred yards or so around a certain old torn out railroad bridge that probably everyone in or around Dayton has fished. Started at the mouth of a creek looking for a certain RB with a treble in its mouth I want words with. First cast and got a 8" smb. Another half hour in the vicinity with notta, so move down stream and hit the tressles.

After first couple casts into the log jams, hooked into a 10-12" smallie, worked up and over 2 different logs, then the sucker spit the lure as I reached down to grab her. Maybe a few too many curse words followed. The next 30 minutes or so resulted in 8 4-6" smallies, 3 4-5" RB and an 8.5" hh chub. Started to get dark so launched that dreaded "last cast" and felt a little bump and figured I just bumped a rock since it was shallow about 2' or so.

Was using a floating crank so did the pause and give slack trick to let it rise and avoid snagging but, never rose. Tug just a little to give some tension in the line and feel a little movement but kinda felt like it was snagged on a small branch in current. Sure you guys know what I mean, like a little bumping in the line but kinda melodic.

Thinking I'd just give it a quick strong jerk to free my lure, I lower my rod a little and proceed to swing it back fast. Well let me tell you, the thing that had my lure in its mouth did not like that one bit. This thing took off fast and strong and then went straight into and down a fast current, under logs and all. Fighting it up current was about as fun and nerve wrecking at the same time as parachuting.

Worked it slow and steady praying I'd land this thing finally got it to me. A good and chunky 14" smb. Not a trophy to some, but my trophy is any fish that bites my line. Sorry for the lack of evidence through photography.

Too bad too, since this smallies stripes on its head and back were darker and more vibrant than any specimen ive seen yet. Really beautiful fish. Standing in knee deep and swift water on the bad side of a deep hole half covered in log jams was convincing enough to put him back before the fish gods got all mad at me and exacted their revenge on me. Did get one of the first one.

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