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Took the wifey out to try and get her her first bass in the bag. And she did. A dink by all means, but definitely brought us both joy. So I'm unhooking the little guy and pass it to her to take pic(since it was her first of course). Get the pic, take and release it for her and as I . bend over I hear it. KERPLUNK! There goes my d#&*ed phone.

Since only being thee for ten mins. or so I say screw it, and keep fishing. Why let my trip be ruined completely right. For about the first hour there were some fine dayton folk sittin in a usually productive hole throwing rocks at each other. "Ow that hurt, huhuhuh, do it again" In my best deliverance impersination. Also forgot to mention that some weird lady pulled up to us when we were about to head down hysterically asking me to help get her car into park. Even though it worked for me with not so much as a sign of sticking. Didn't catch much of any size for sure but were getting fish sticks all night. Got more rock bass than on any other trip. Still love them red eyes man.

Got back home and put my phone in a bowl of rice for two days. I did take the battery out as soon as I did it, dried em off as best I could and put phone and battery in separate baggies. Just put it all back together and all works fine so far. Whfew! My Pb smb and lmb pics are on this thing as well as my girls first smb so definately happy happy happy.

Here is her and her "biggun"! She got two more bigger but, first is always best right?

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