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    anybodu have/ever sed a lure retriever? I seem to get a lot of lures caught in rocks, etc and I'm thinking about getting a retriever but I'm a little unsure what I should be looking for. I fish primarily from the bank.
  2. I have one but it works best from a boat because you can get right above the snag and send the retriever down your line to snag the lure. It wouldn't work from shore very well.

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  4. I've got a Cabelas retriever; it's an extendable pole that goes about 16' and it is comical to attempt to use it from boat with a little wind/drift. My son wants to make a video clip of me fumbling with the piece of junk, cursing and running over it. I like T175's better.
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    Everyone that I have ever tried sucked when used from shore.

    If your in a boat (directly over the snag) they work wonderfully.
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    I am going to order the bass pro one in the link above. I have lost several good musky lures at Leesville. So far I am out about 40.00.
    Mike Hawkins:mad:
  7. I've used one similar to the Bass Pro from a boat and they do work. Depending on how heavy it is you may want to tie on more weight. The heavier the better. Not sure how well you could do from shore, but as noted, if you only save a couple it's worth it. The cord on the Bass Pro looks pretty light. I would suggest at least 1/8" or 3/16" braided rope. Also would use heavy split rings and add a couple large treble hooks. Sometimes you can't get it all the way down to the lure, but the hooks will catch on branches or such and you can pull the snag up to get your tackle and sometimes others too.
  8. Try an old spark plug. They work great as lure retrievers. And they're FREE!