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  1. ...Looking for any collectors >>>Have you heard of Ed Latieno..Redwood Ranch...Hand made lures with this signature on them..Last name may be spelled wrong but that is what it looks like...C.L...
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    This gentleman is noted for making lures. I believe he was from PA. I own two of his Heddon Vamp imitations.

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    Ed Latiano was from Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. Ed passed away about a year ago, he was in his 90s. He often copied commercial baits, such as the Heddon Vamps mentioned in another reply. To me his best works were his original baits based on his designs. His most popular bait was the Ready Eddy, that was a glide/jerk bait that was based upon the Pflueger Surprise Lure. He marketed many of his baits at Redwood Ranch on Lake Chautauqua. I believe they still sell them there. Pictured is one of his more interesting baits, at least to me.
  4. ..Luredaddy ...I have two maybe three one is a Frog...Will have to get them out a take a pic.and post..I bought the at the Redwood Ranch Bait Shop up ther when I was walleye fishing with a work friend...
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