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  1. I am looking at possibly selling/ trading my fishing pontoon and getting a Lund - 17fter. I like the 1750 Tyee. Any feedback on positive/ negative experiences/ quality etc. would be appreciated. I would go with another Merc 4-stroke - would 25 or 50 horse be enough to push it around? I am on the Portage lakes so there isn't any need for speed per se, although I would probably hit a few other inland lakes (not Erie) or am I better off with a 9.9 to be able to hit the restricted lakes? thanks.
  2. MA,
    I have a 1750 Tyee with a 90 HP Johnson and a 9.9 kicker. Love the boat, there's nowhere I can't fish with it! Just for comparison, the 90 will push it at around 30 fully loaded with gear, 2 batterys, trolling motor and way too much stuff. The kicker will top end at 7. I think the max on a 1750 is 140hp? One thing I will say is get a trailer that has brakes! Great boat to fish, ski, or just cruise. It does it all. Don't underpower it and restrict yourself to one lake. You'll be able to use it from the Ohio River to Lake Erie and all points in between. You're welcome to PM me if you would like more specifics


  3. I have two lunds .a 22ft lund baron .my erie rig . and a lund 1775 proV .both are great boats .never had a boat problem . lunds hold there value better than any other rig . the 1775 has fished from mosquito lake to roosevelt lake arizona , and the lakes in between, just love that rig.
  4. I like Lunds a lot. Their resale value is awesome too.

    But you should check out the Crestliner Canadian 1850 and 1650...their layout is a lot like the Lund Sport Angler series. Crestliner makes some nice boats too, lifetime warranty on their hulls. MSRP for an 1850 with 115 Mercury Optimax 2-Stroke is around 25k.

    Canadian 1850

    Canadian 1650
  5. I had a 1750 Tyee. with a 115 I would not want any less.I wish I would have kept it