lunch time was good while it lasted

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  1. well once agin its too nice to fill my fat butt with more food. so i hit that pond behind dsw....well got one little bass...then was walking to a they come...2 columbus cops in a mall van...told me to leave.
    they were real cool about it. so i didnt press it. but i did ask if mall owners dont like anyone fishing in the ponds shouldnt it be posted no fishing....then i said have a nice day:)
    i know that mall owners are just protecting themselfs but..they should post it.
  2. You would think it would save them alot of hassle to post it...truth be known the police probably wish they would post it as well, plus if they didnt want anybody to fish it why would you stock it:confused:

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    wassup scott gettin ready to get out 4 first time...ill keep u posted
  4. AAHHH sweet dude...let know!!!!!! my buddy is down deercreek now..he hasnt got one wb yet bet hes catching some crappy!!!
    its good to hear from you!!!! how you been????
  5. Saw some fellas fishing the JPMC (Chase) ponds as I was leaving the office for lunch ~ 12:15 today. One was hoisting a dandy bass from the NE pond. Any OGF'rs in that group?
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    I live across the street from there and I have been wondering about those ponds and if it is ok to fish them. They look like they would have some bass especially the big one on the NW side.

  7. You'll get ran off more then likely unless you work for JPMC. I thankfully work for JPMC, but havnt been to the ponds there YET, but soon, very soon.
  8. critter, if you're talking about the JPMC ponds, yes they have LM, bluegill and big channel cats. I've worked at the polaris facility since it first opened and although I've never actually seen anyone booted for fishing the ponds, I would strongly suggest "checking in" with security inside the main entrance off polaris pkwy. That way you can enjoy your day without having to constantly look over your shoulder ;). The entrance gates close ~ 7pm during the week. Gates are closed all day sat-sun & holidays.
  9. I just quit working there last week. I fished those ponds many times. They are tremendously overpopulated with tiny BG...there are some decent bass though. All of the ponds are quite shallow and full of weeds and fish are extremely spooky. In other's a tough place to fish but it has paid off for me a couple times. Caught a nice 3.5 pounder in there last spring.
  10. About 4 years ago, I was working at the strip mall (during construction) along Polaris Pkway at the north edge of the Chase property. The jobsite shared a common entrance to the Chase bldgs. The security guard told us we could fish any of the outlying ponds, but no one was allowed at the ponds near the buildings. The pond just behind the gym and Murphy McFlips Pub had some decent bass and lots of gills. Of course back then it was Banc One... Chase may have a different policy.
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    I suppose I could wear my id badge. I work for the company.....just not at that site.

    They are within easy walking distance so I could wear em out!