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Discussion in 'The Camp Fire' started by coolerzfull, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. i'm looking for camping stuff. looking for cast iron cook ware(USA brand. no china junk) , campfire stuff, lights, ect....just about anything. shout out what you have and we'll go from there. thanks
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  3. I will have 2 tents to sell in about 1 month.
    1 cabin style and 1 dome style.
    Both are big enough for 4 persons.
    Also a couple of lanterns.
  4. Anyone find any camping stuff they want to get rid of when you did your spring cleaning?

    I'm good on tents. I might need another lantern(white gas. LP is to much $$ for the bottles) Still would like some cast iron pans and griddles.

  5. Not 1 person in over 13,000 members have any camping stuff except tents?
  6. stop by kamper city and i will give you a good deal on anything you need. we carry a full line of cmping gear from tents to dutch ovens and pie irons.
    dont forget about your ogf discount.

  7. Thanks Paul!! I think I will! How do you get there from Huron?
  8. NM Paul. I found your add on here and it has a map! LOL Thanks again.
  9. make sure you ask for me to get your disc,