Lowrance X47 Screen goes blank?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Travis22, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Ok guys you all have helped me in the past need it again. My deep finder does just fine when stopped or just with motor on, but when I move, a short time later screen goes blank? Back light stays so I know its getting power. I then have to hold power button to turn off finder. When I turn it back on same thing works for 10 sec or so and then blank. Any help would be great
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    call lowrance. mine froze up last year and i called them while out on the water. the tech told me how to reset the system while we were underway and it worked like a charm after that. the number is inside the cover or on the cover of the instruction manual.

  3. My Garmin does the same thing will work fine when the trolling motor is on or the big motor is in idle but as soon is I put it in forward it shuts off. I have found that it could be a short in the wiring but that would not explain why it will turn on fine after it shuts off. You may wanna check the connection in the back of the finder to make sure it has a tight connection. Like EZbite said call lowrance and see what the techs can tell you about it once you have it fixed let me know so i can check mine. Thanks
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    Ditto on checking connections.

    Check the Lowrance web site; they have instructions to reset your unit to factory settings.

    There is a soft reset method, that will return the unit to factory settings, and a hard reset procedure that will return the unit to factory settings, but also erase all of your waypoints.

    The reset is fairly easy, a matter of pushing the power and one other button until the unit starts. All models have varying reset instructions, so get the correct procedure off the Lowrance web site.

    Hope this helps.
    Best wishes.

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    Check your ground connection. Exact same problem with my Lowrance X-52 led to a faulty wire connector on the ground side.