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  1. I have a Lowrance x125 fish-finder that came with my boat and is only 2 yrs old. When I turn it off it stays off for a few seconds and turns back on and the screen "flashes" and makes it hard to see in low light conditions. The only way to keep it from flashing is to unplug the power. During the day I do not notice the flashing and it seems to work well otherwise. Customer service at Lowrance said to "send it in for a refurbished one for a 149 bucks." Do not really want to go that route. Has somebody experienced this or can somebody HELP??? thanks.
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    I experienced the exact same scenario with my X-125 and I sent it in and got the refurbed unit and have gone a couple of years with it with no problems.

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    We don;t have the same unit as yours, but have experienced a few issues. Try going to the website and search for a hard reset and see if that works. They do post the reset commands in the technical section.

    Although it sounds lie Seaturd had the same issue and may be right on track.
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    Certain units have a power supply issue which can cause the unit to turn on and off on it's own or act like a short and drain your battery.... or both

    Riverside Electronics in Port Clinton can perform the repair for you. I spoke to someone from there who said its a common issue and not an expensive repair.

    I don't have their number but they should be able to hook you up!
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    I had the same problem mine . I was told it was from leaving it in the boat with the boat cover on in the hot sun??? I too did the refurbed unit, no problems since. I don't leave it in the boat!!!
  6. There is a lady in customer service at Lowrance by the name of Linda Colt that
    just helped me with an issue with my X135. She is very helpful & quick to reply to your problem. Her e-mail is www.linda.colt@navico.com tell your problem & I think she will be able to help you.
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    My boat was kept in the garage w/o a cover and still had the same problem.
  8. All I want to say is THANK YOU!!!!!! Fishkiller ..........

    I have a Lowrance102c that I was having the same problem with....I
    sent Linda a e-mail at 6am today .....by 4pm we had talked three times and my new 102c is in the mail.........again thank you fishkiller....Greg
  9. Are you sure you are getting it off? I know on mine if you just push the power button,it goes through different stages of brightness/backlight. Did you hold the button down until it goes off ? ( I think mine gives a message of powering down and counts down seconds until off)
  10. i have x-37 which i don't have any trouble with but i do hold the off button down for 5 seconds or it will come back on automatic.