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Lowrance Enhanced Lake Maps

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Net, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. The wait is finally over for Lowrance GPS/Sonar users. Lowrance has released a number of enhanced lake maps (.at5 files) for Ohio, including Alum, Hoover, Delaware and Knox. I already tested the Alum map with my X15-MT and the depth contours line up very well with my saved waypoints. Get your free downloads here
  2. Can you explain how I put one of those maps into my mapcreate?? Thanks

  3. Good question. I tried to do the same thing but struck out. I think you need MapCreate 6.3 which supports topo (contour) maps. Unfortunately 6.3 isn't a free upgrade.
  4. "Display Fishing Hot Spots®. Load a card containing an IMS Fishing Hot Spots® fishing map into the card reader and MapCreate™ USA Topo shows fishing details on your computer screen. This makes it easier to plan trips and manage GPS data with Fishing Hot Spots® maps."
    I wonder if this is true on 6.2 I'll try it and let you know-I can save the map I downloaded to an MMC and then we'll see.
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  5. Downloaded the map and played with it today. It is close but still off for my needs. Have you played with the "Offset" to get improved accuracy? I have been using a program called Oziexplorer for about 8 years that will let you download mapss in tiff file and get very good accuracy to your waypoints and icons. By properly setting up the Offset you can get pretty close to 15-20' accuracy.