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Lowrance 334c igps pukes

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by mach1cj, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. my 334c took a crap on Memorial Day. the buttons just quit workin'. i sent it in on 5-30 and just got it back today. i was never so happy to see that Fed-Ex truck pull up in front of the house. i lost some way points but it seems to work fine. i know that a few of you own these units (ez bite i think). hopefully no more problems.:)
  2. Bassboy883

    Bassboy883 Frog This

    I have one too I hate it. nothing but problems

  3. triton175

    triton175 STX 206 Viper

    I love mine! No problems at all (knock on wood). The maps are very accurate and the sonar actually shows fish, unlike my X-51.
  4. i'm very happy with my unit too. IMO Lowrance was top notch in repair, and a quick turn around. they even gave me another year warranty. hopefully i won't need it.:)
  5. Have two 339's and one 334. Have had problems with all three units. (Map accuracy and sattelite locking issues.) I can say that I will not buy anymore Lowrance products.
  6. ezbite

    ezbite the Susan Lucci of OGF

    yes i have the 334i and i love it. id be lost without it. mach1 was the repair covered thru the warranty? if i didnt have mine id have to resort back to the old hand held until its return:eek: glad to hear you got yours back without any trouble from lowrance:D
  7. ezbite, all i paid for was shipping to Lowrance. i called them and they told me i get another year warranty on it.
  8. ezbite

    ezbite the Susan Lucci of OGF

    sweet, thats great to know if i ever need it. thanks