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lowrance 332c

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by jshbuckeye, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. looking into a new sonar unit but the ones i like have the hot maps and im not real sure what good they are over having a map in your boat at the fraction of the cost. Does the map chip work hand in hand with the g.p.s. unit whats the advantage of having the navi maps on your sonar unit over a map in the boat. Anyone have the 33c and if so whats your thoughts on it.
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  2. I purchased the 332 for use in the front of my boat. I am using map down loads from lowrance and a Navionics gold chip for use on lake erie. I am very happy with the sonar part of the unit. It will pick up fish laying right on the bottom and the color and screen are awesome. On the GPS side, the only complaint i have is that your trail shows up in a light red or pink color that is difficult to see in sun light. I have played around with it and tried to change the color to no avail. Would i buy another one or reccomend it to a friend? Yes, for the money it is a good all around unit.

  3. Yes, the map chip works hand in hand with the GPS. If you're not sure you want a combo unit, try comparing the 332c ($650) to the x102c ($500). You'll find the sonars to be nearly identical. I think the only thing missing from the 102c (besides the GPS) is the sonar recorder. I've never used the sonar recorder in my X15.
  4. Terry, get a fresh chip and go out and play with the sonar recorder. It is pretty cool. When you play it back on your pc you can pause the movement and place your curser on fish or structure and it will give you depth, lat and longitude. Great for marking spot on spots.
    Also if you record on your x-15 and play it back on your PC, it will be in color. which will make the different bottom compositions stand out like a sore thumb. Then you can find that spot on a spot, on a spot. You would be amazed at why fish group up in various areas on Alum. the bottom changes from rock to sand or mud and fish sometimes gather there. Before i had a color unit i never really paid attention to bottom hardness or could really define the difference.
    JSHBUCKEYE, I picked my 332c up for $509.00 at Gander mountain. It lists for 649.00. PM me and i will tell you how to do it.
  5. I got the 337c, which is just a 332c with a duel transducer. The Navionics Premium chip is what I decided upon. They work well together and the premium gives me a terrific amount of lake detail to go on. I got a 20% discount coupon for Bass Pro Shops for attending bassmasters university, so the combined price of the unit and software was great.
  6. Good points Dave. I'll have to play with that. You're exactly right about bottom transitions being a key at Alum. Especially after turnover.
  7. thanks for the responses in my looking i cant beleive that the 332 unit eather one doesnt come with your speed from the gps
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  8. You can get the speed read out on your gps and have it read out on the sonar screen as well. GPS speed is much more accurate than the paddle wheel. Temperature also is built into the transducer. You can have it read out on both sonar and gps screens. I don't see why Lowrance is trying to sell these add on speed/ temp accesories.
  9. took the boat and new unit on buckeye sunday and played with the gps it is awesome still have lots of learning to do but it will be a help and lord knows i need it. Couldnt figure out how to get the speed to stay up on the sonar screen but ill do a lil more reading today at work. Didnt fish but from what i was hearing it was a tough day of fishing on buckeye for the saugeye at least. Thanks Erie Addict for the info sorry i couldnt get out on sat i wanted to just some lil things that took longer then expected.
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