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Lower unit/prop question

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by put-put, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. Have an alpha one merc. lower unit. A couple of weeks ago I spun prop about a mile out went and bought new prop. Went to Merc performance shop and the guy put same # prop on. Afterwards going back out it seems that between 4-5 mph I get a squeeling noise (like a belt) but it is coming from lower unit. Took prop back off later and made sure had grease and looked for possible rubs, and greased them. Went out yesterday, and the noise is still there. Any speed lower than 4 mph don't hear and once I get above 5 don't hear anymore??? Any suggestions from anyone? Going to take the prop back off tonight and look to see if washer was put on backwards (buddy from the lake suggested) :confused:
  2. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Just curious...have you pulled the gear case oil screw from the LU yet? Some metal shavings are normal, but you shouldn't have any water or excess shavings (clumps) come out with the oil. That should tell you if you have a bad seal, or ground up gears to an extent.

  3. No I haven't. I called up to the place where I bought the prop, and I asked him and he told me to grease the Gable joint ??? I think that is what he said I also talked to a guy that owns a hardware store who had a boat for several years and he said that is not the probem he said then to check to see if prop is running against a brass fitting on the lower unit. I need to take the prop off i guess and look. And you might know I have to work over tonight :mad: , so it is not looking good to look at it tonight. When I spun the prop I was in 35 ft of water so I am clueless why this all come up after the new prop was put on??

    ----just called happy days and I think the mechanic might have not put the spacer in right or it is still in the old one I hope this might be problem!!! :rolleyes: