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  1. I fished Bass Island and Avoca with my girlfriend for a few hours this afternoon. As expected, the water was up and stained, and the fishing was difficult. I managed to land 2 gar and 3 sauger. All fish on 1/8 oz jigs with a 2" white power grub. All the sauger were caught near the bottom in areas that were rocky depth transitions when I waded them last summer.

    I had never landed a gar before. I've had plenty of them strike a lure, but they usually fight for couple seconds before releasing my lure and trying to slingshot it into one of my eyes. I managed to turn the tables today by hooking a small 16" fish just below his right eye. The second one was larger, and foul hooked by the dorsal. Neither one put up any fight at all, maybe the colder water has them sluggish,

    All fish were released to harrass catfisherman this summer.

    Trying to link pick to larger gar below...

  2. Cool picture. Where is Bass Island? Sounds like a decent spot

  3. Bass Island is off Newtown Rd near the intersection with Wooster (Rt 50).
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    Gar are a warm water fish. Just wait untill you hook one in the dog days of summer. That is there favorite time of the year. Nice job. S
  5. Did someone say Gar??? Dude, that really gets my heart pounding, I am all ready to hit some whoppers this spring with a new place in mind I found at the end of the gar season last year so Im eager to get on it early this year. Man oh man, I love catching them on the fly rod!!

    Thanks for ruining my week since Ill be working all through it and can only think about it.;)

  6. You are quite welcome, sir. But I'm not sure the hook found purchase in either of those fish because they were hungry. The dorsal hook was an obvious snag, and the other hookup may have been the same. For what its worth, the small one was in slack water, close to some "flood" current, well away from the main river channel. The larger one was on the slow side of the current seam at avoca where the riverbed drops a foot or more, north bank side.

  7. How was the water at Avoca. I fish the same Avoca 50 side and Newtown side. Sounds like it was not nearly as bad as I thought. I can't wait till the water is a little lower and I can slam White Bass.
  8. its just as high as you thought, the river above 7ft is dangerous, you will be fishing from the woods. but the fish are catchable if you can get to them just dont get in the water
  9. Hit some gar last summer on a white x rap ripping it and twitching it.Had them start tail walking and throw the xrap. Man talk about getting your heart racing. They are a blast,even though i am a smallie fisherman.Try rippin a plug an see what happen. weecraw
  10. I hit three gar this past weekend in the same scenerio.... 2 were in the dorsal and one in the tail. All 3 were sluggish from cooler waters and all were FAT so they have definately been eating well. The first was my biggest but I didn't get a tape on him, the second was smaller and i taped him at 34 in and the third was a little smaller than that...

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