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Visited the GMR at Cleves.
The MIA01 gage at Miamitown read 1.01. Fished two different locations separated by 1.17 miles as the crow flies. Arrived at location 1 around 7:20 AM. Outfit 1 was a Carolina rig with 5 Oz of lead fished in the current seams. Used frozen Skipjack from a previous outing. Landed a respectable one eyed Channel cat that weighed in over 5lbs. Outfit 2 was rigged with a small slip float, split shot and small circle hook. Fished some wood structure and landed a 2 and 3 pound Channel. Used frozen shad.

Ventured upstream and threw my new cast net and caught enough Shad to last the rest of my trip. Baited two outfits with fresh cut Shad Carolina rigged and caught many more Channel cats but none exceeding 5 Lbs.

Before I left I threw my cast net a few more times and netted a bunch of Drum fingerlings. I released them. It is good to know that Drum are in the area that I fish. I believe I will target them next outing with some Crawlers fished on the bottom. Wonderful day to be out on the water and was especially pleased to have the spot all to myself. This tends to be the case when the NFL is on. Another reason to fish on Sundays
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